Emerald Lake on a Fall Day

I created this photograph many years ago with my Canon EOS D60.  The sun came out briefly in the afternoon so there were some touches of sunlight on the far shore and on the mountain.  I’ve never been happy with this scene since I couldn’t seem to capture how I felt when I took it.  The difference now is that I started using new processing software for my photos.  I like how the new software has allowed me to render the photo to better reflect what I saw that day.

View to Pyramid Mountain in Two Seasons

There is a road in Jasper, Alberta that winds its way past Lake Patricia and on to Pyramid Lake.  There are a couple of places to view it from.  This view is probably the easiest since you just have to drive to the parking lot  beside the road which is found beside Pyramid Lake Lodge.  It’s also worth a canoe ride which we have done.  It’s a great way to discover just how large the mountain is, and it’s very large.  When we went for a canoe ride, I was very surprised about the shape of the front facing side and all of the rises and valleys.  You can see them in this photo but they’re so much more impressive when you’re out in the lake.

Now we change the season to winter.  Now, add some ice and clouds and it  looks so cold, which it is, but it still looks amazing.

Bixby Bridge

This is a view looking north along the California coast.  It was taken in March of 2003 on a day trip that we took to Big Sur.  The bridge was built in 1931 and is worth the stop to see this beautiful bridge and the scenery in which it is set.  You can find the bridge by driving south on the coast road about 20 minutes from Carmel.  If you go on a foggy day or during sunset then you can get some super dramatic photos.

A trip on this road is worth taking the time to stop often so you can take in all of its breath taking views.